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Minister of Education of Cape Verde visited Hohai University


Miss Maritza Rosabal, the Cape Verdean Minister of Education and Minister of Social Integration, accompanied by Miss Tania Romualdo,  the Cape Verde Ambassador to China, visited Hohai University on 17th April.  LIU Ailan, the Director  of the Department of Asian and African Affairs of the Ministry of Education, and JIANG Chen, the Deputy Director of the Department  of Asian and African Affairs of Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office accompanied them during the visit. Hohai University Chairman TANG Hongwu, President XU Hui, and the Vice President XU Weiya welcomed them with great hospitality.


Chairman TANG Hongwu extended a warm welcome to Minister Maritza. President XU Hui presented keyinformation about Hohai University and he expressed his hope that both sides could develop an in-depth cooperation including student exchanges in marine science. Meanwhile, HHU would also use its knowledge and contacts to support the industrial development of Cape Verde Marine Special Economic Zone. Minister Maritza expressed her gratitude to Chairman TANG Hongwu and President XU Hui for their warm reception. She hoped that Cape Verde is able to attract more international high-quality education resources to carry out cooperation and exchange in the area of marine science by virtue of its superior geographical location and beautiful natural environment. Besides, she hoped to send outstanding young scholars to Hohai to benefit from its advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technology.


Vice President Xu Weiya and the assistant of the President of the University of Cape Verde, Aristides Lopes da Silva, signed a memorandum of cooperation between the two universities. The memorandum stipulates that the two universities will carry out all-round exchanges and cooperation in student and teacher exchanges, scientific and technological cooperation and other fields.


Aquilino Varela, the director of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde, Jose Marques, together with the director of the Department of Planning, Budget and Management of the Ministry of Education, and Katia Dos Santos, the Secretary of the Minister of Education of Cape Verde also attended the seminar. Also present were the Heads of the Office of Academic Affairs, the Graduate School, the International Office, the School of International Education and other staff of relevant departments of HHU.